DB 4 Youth

Mission Statement

To create opportunities for the youth of Diamond Bar which promotes building community through our diversity, by a variety of activities.

About the DB 4 Youth Program

One of the goals of the City of Diamond Bar’s Youth Master Plan was to develop and establish a youth leadership board. This board is diverse in its representation with regard to age, ethnicity, socioeconomic level, and geographic location. The board encourages youth of all abilities to engage in social, educational and cultural oriented programs that will help make Diamond Bar and the larger community a better and stronger place to live.
DB 4 Youth had a wonderful day greeting preschool and elementary students from the surrounding area. They also handed out sunglasses, Sandy Candy, pencils, and temporary tattoos that said, “Parks make life better.” A good time was had by all and hoping you join us next year at the L.A. County Fair.

Regular meetings have changed from the last Wednesday of the month to the last Tuesday of the month and from the AQMD Building to the Diamond Bar Center. All Diamond Bar Junior and High School students are encouraged to join us.

For more information visit the City Website at

or call Alison Meyers at (909) 839-7062.

DB 4 Youth History

In January of 2007, the Youth Master Plan Community Collaborative led by the City of Diamond Bar’s Recreation Department, brought together youth from all over the City to form this youth leadership board. The youth were chosen by school district staff, City staff and the youth themselves. The first meeting brought 20 students together from three middle schools and two high schools.

This group of youth formed DB 4 Youth “In Action”, a youth leadership group for youth by youth. The youth worked together to create the name and mission statement. The number 4 represents 4 pillars; Opportunity, Diversity, Community and Activities. The youth created this statement to incorporate the four pillars.

Today there are over 120 members and still growing. DB 4 Youth “In Action” is visible all over the City in many different ways. Everything from working with the Diamond Bar Community Foundation to participating in Relay for Life, DB 4 Youth “In Action” is committed to making the community better for youth.

DB 4 Youth “In Action” was recognized as the Award of Excellence Winner 2007, Recreation and Community Services Awards – Division Youth Development

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